AI: A new era



Artificial Intelligence has begun a new era for humanity and computer technology. It is exciting to see all the progress from chatbots to AI models, generative AI and ‘agents’ being used regularly in daily & professional life.

A question that comes to mind is who will own the data behind these AI platforms, tools and are humans fully in control of their own data and to what extent? Many social media tools and platforms give users the ability to download their own data to have for reference. What about personal data being collected and used by AI tools and for specific AI purposes?

DALL·E 2 Robot thinking hard
Robot pondering generated by DALL-E 2

Apart from copyright infringement issues on underlying data for generative AI and relevant un-biased search input prompts, ‘Reponsible AI’, ‘Ethical AI’ and Data Trust programs are rapidly emerging. A search on LinkedIn worldwide shows 270 new jobs added for ‘Responsible AI’ keyword with 13000+ results.

As humans agree to terms and conditions of platforms and subscribe to these AI tools, does that mean our human data will be used collectively for AI by large enterprise companies? Yes. Does anonymous data if used as part of a large population or if it is made available publicly by the user (say on a free tier), or if user data is resold, does this fall under the guise of a general AI data policy now?

This ownership is important for policy makers, consumers and citizens to figure out. After taking a few online AI courses and reviewing AI tools it is clear there is not full consensus on AI definitions and some of the courses online are ‘spun’ in favor of a particular tool or a platform. I think humans should be made aware of the potential power and threats of AI by experts and should also be informed to create personal AI tools or citizen-driven AI solutions collaboratively. In fact I think a new era of ‘AI tools for consumers’ should determine how citizens adopt and incorporate such tools and technology in their daily lives.

A few resources I recommend on AI:


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