Decentralized Movement in Web and Apps | Consumer Choice

A movement developing in web and apps is decentralization. As ‘Big Tech’ have consolidated services and mobile devices/hardware to release on an annual cycle, they have neglected consumers. Subscription pricing and paying higher prices for services have led consumers to look elsewhere. Standard tiered products and incremental features on software and devices mean consumers are no longer receiving the best technology or service out there. The result has been a consumer movement to choose better services and products as demonstrated on the web and in new apps.

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The overpromise of technologies like gaming consoles, 5G or 8K or OLED have been major letdowns in 2021 and production of such web-connecting technologies have been hyped up, while the consumers are choosing to exit stage-left the annual Global Corporation cycle of revenue, production and releases.

Blockchain technologies are making services faster and more transparent. This includes areas of digital banking, gaming, art collection and digital experiences (NFTs). Focus on customer service, newer local/sustainable niche brands, and consumer choice are now becoming more common. Innovative brands are solving customer needs and connecting to their customer’s passions. Here are some current sites and reads showing this trending movement:

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